Tips on how to care for your Hayden Surf Ski


By adopting the following practices, you will ensure your Hayden Surf Ski is always in great condition and performing to its full potential.


You will also have a ski that will last longer, look better and (when the time comes to buy a new Hayden) will have a greater resale value.

  • Prior to use, inflate your ski with 3-5 deep breaths before placing the bung. This will increase the air pressure within the ski and provide greater strength and rigidity (and therefore improved performance).
  • Please note. Never inflate a "hot" ski. Always cool the craft down (simply roll it over in ankle deep water with the bung in for several minutes) if it has been in the sun or is warm prior to inflating. Always remove the bung after use or when the ski is sitting in the sun.
  • Wash the ski down with fresh water after use. Once a week remove the rudder hatch cover and flush the area with fresh water also.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight wherever possible.
  • At carnivals lay upside down (in the shade if possible). On windy days secure the ski down or lay it into the prevailing wind.
  • Always transport skis in a cover where possible. You can store skis in a towel cover, or uncovered in a very cool sheltered area. Foil or towelling covers are available from Hayden Surfcraft. Foil although more expensive provides improved padding and protection.
  • Should you hole or damage your craft wash it out with fresh water immediately and return it to Hayden Surfcraft for repairs. We have a specialist repairers on the team who will ensure you get a professional repair and are back on the water as quickly as possible.
  • When transporting your ski we suggest flat tie downs (or straps) as opposed to rope. Tie downs are available from Hayden Surfcraft.
  • Once a month after washing down we recommend a quick spray of all moving parts with "Easy Glide" or a similar silicon spray.
  • Once every 6 months we recommend you bring you ski back to the factory for a check up. Where we will inspect your ski thoroughly (from testing air pressure to rudder cables) and provide you with a free, no obligation service report.

Should you require any further information regarding this or any other matter concerning Hayden Surfcraft, please call. We would love to hear from you.


Happy paddling,

Hayden Surfcraft Australia

Hayden Surfcraft – How to care for your ski

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