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How to care for your Hayden Surfboard

Released February 2012

14 years upwards


  • — Fast
  • — Manoeuvrable
  • — Strong
  • — Stable
  • — All skis come with Starting Block and Draining System


  • — Weight:
  • — Length:
  • — Minimum Width:

A sturdy fiberglass board hand crafted and individually custom made to suit each paddler’s height, weight and ability

All Nipper Boards are Custom made to suit each paddler’s weight and ability They come with following –

  • 4 Handles
  • Kneepads
  • Breather Valve
  • Box Fin
  • Drag Tape

We provide our customers with the choice of 3 x different Shapes Flat Bottom or V-Bottom

Flat Bottom – Standard Shape

Designed to suit all paddlers, in all age groups at different levels of ability.
Goes out and comes home smoothly
Easy to handle

Shuttle Bottom $200

Designed for the more experienced paddlers in all age groups
Goes out and comes home faster than a Flat Bottom
Slightly unstable depending on your ability.

Concave Bottom $200

Optional Extras

  • Rail Groove $55
  • A recess handles in either the left or right side of the board
  • Also used to help carry the board
  • Extra Front Handle $55
  • 5th Handle placed either on the left or right side of the board behind the front handles
  • Used for popping over waves and regaining control
  • Carbon fibre Rails $150
  • Rails of your board are re-enforced with carbon to reduce the risk of rail damage
  • Leg Rope Plug $30
  • Placed on the deck at the tail end of your board
  • To use when paddling long or short distances for safety or when you fall off
  • Extra Long Knee Pads $85 - To provide extra protection to your knees when paddling


The design on your board is limited only by your imagination all artwork will be quoted on application. A template will be downloaded with each order form to sketch your own individual design, or simply browse through the pre-priced design gallery and choose one of your choice.


Colour Chart

As you can imagine colours are endless, we have a set range of standard colours, however any colour can be accommodated for just ask and one of our team members will be only too happy to discuss your requirements.

A range of fluoro and metallics are available upon request Free-hand contemporary style artistry also available in our design range, utilising Posca felts



On completion of your ski you will be advised. Final payment to be made prior to freight, upon pickup or within 5 working days if being picked up at a later date.


Over the years we have been asked to make skis for many different applications and have therefore added camera mounts, fishing rod holders, sealed compartments etc. All customizing of craft can be quoted on request please feel free to talk to one of our friendly team members about your requirements.



How To Order

It could not be simpler. Just download the Board Order Form below, fill out and return either by email, fax, post or dropping it in to us

A $900 deposit will be required on ordering.

BOARD ORDER FORM .pdf or .doc


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