OR1 21' Hayden Ski
How to care for your Hayden Ski

21' Ocean Racer 1

Model Release Date

Released December 2011


  • — Comfortable
  • — Manoeuvrable
  • — Strong
  • — Stable
  • — Fully adjustable
  • — Glass or carbon


  • — Weight : 12 – 16kg
  • — Length : 21' or 6.4m
  • — Width (at widest point): 43.5cm


All OR1s come with fully adjustable foot wells; the system has a sliding foot plate operated by a cantilever for ease of adjustment and self-adjusting rudder control cables. The Venture drain outlet is integrated into the hull line for less drag. The system has a longer range of movement than any other ocean racer to suit both longer and shorter leg lengths.

Lay Up

The OR1 comes in two different forms, the first is full fibre glass vacuum infused at 16kg, and the second is double carbon with lantor core at 12kg.


In the interests of keeping weight to a minimum ocean racing skis are usually white; however we will make craft to any design if required, though recommend design work should be limited to a coloured deck.

Colour Chart

As you can imagine colours are endless we have a set range of standard colours, however any colour can be accommodated for just ask and one of our team members will be only too happy to discuss your requirements.


How To Order

It could not be simpler just fill out the online form, or download it and post or fax it to us.
A $900 deposit will be required on ordering for the glass version, and $1500 for the carbon fibre version.

SURF SKI ORDER FORM .pdf or .doc


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