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Retro and Restoration Boards

Over the years we have been asked many times to restore vintage surf boards, not only Hayden's but many brands from all over the world, as these boards are now very collectable they can also be very valuable. As with any antique it is important they are restored as close as possible to original, using glass cloth, resins and construction methods of that era. A restorer must not only have a complete understanding of how the boards were made , but also the importance of small details such as labels, stringers, colours, etc. that make that board stand out from the rest.

Retro and Restoration Boards

Who better to restore a board than someone who made those style of boards, our own Resto-man director and co-owner of Hayden Surf craft Michael Hopper, Michael has been surfing for over 50 years and was lucky enough to have spent the sixties surfing with the likes of Bob Mctavich, Kevin Platt, Darrell "Rooster” Dell and Kenny Adler, all renowned shapers of that era. Michael himself joined forces with Paul Pascoe and launched the Pascoe Hopper brand, he then went on to work for, and later own, Hayden surfboards before amalgamating with Graham Cook to form today’s Hayden Surf craft. In 2001 Michael and Graham brought out the 60’s re-issue series, an authentic re-creation of a popular 60’s longboard; these boards are still available today. With that sort of pedigree restoring your vintage board the result can be nothing less than amazing.

Retro and Restoration Boards

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